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For planned features see roadmap.

Feb 25 2021

Added support for OpenTelemetry protocol.

Feb 10 2021

Improved span attributes view and added percentiles for every span.

Feb 01 2021

Added a view to explore services and a system for each service.

Jan 20 2021

Added ability to set a budget. See Sampling and rate limiting for details.

Jan 11 2021

New users can be invited via email to join an organization at Uptrace.

Jan 5 2021

Added Slack integration. Now you can receive notifications about errors and anomalies via Slack.

December 27 2020

Added a weekly email with a summary of changes happened over the last week.

December 15 2020

Added a view to compare performance between different periods and filters.


December 4 2020

Added information about country and city based on the IP address. Currently following attributes are processed: http.client_ip, net.peer.ip, and

November 25 2020

Added Semantic attributes page where you can search over OpenTelemetry semantic attribute names.

November 23 2020

Added Frequently Asked Questions.

November 17 2020

Improved Explore attrs to work for systems, not just groups.

November 10 2020

Added SQL formatting AKA pretty printing.

SQL formatting

October 25 2020

Changed Uptrace to send notifications in batches when there are many of them.

October 10 2020

Added uptrace-run command line utility that monitors command execution.